Before starting yök Casa + Cultura we worked with

2012. Barcelona Audio Guide production.

2011. Part of the jury for the 2011 Delta Design Awards.

2011. Eco expert on the reality TV show Ecolopoly, where 3 households in Luxembourg had to reduce their ecological footprint in 8 weeks.

Mudam, Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean
2011. Postcard design for Mudam Boutique.

since 2010. Designing various products for Kikkerland.

Ofita, office furniture
2010. Conceptualising and designing the 'Office of the Future'.

Sara Lee
2009. Organisation and execution of a workshop on sustainable design & marketing, called “Connect with the green consumer”. The workshop involved a simplified Life Cycle Analysis of the company's current products, carried out by the participants of the workshop.

2008-2009. Eco-innovation department at Compostadores, a company specialised in domestic composting. We helped out with the design, web site and packaging of their latest composter called COMbox and established new ways for the company to innovate.

Agència de Residus de Catalunya
2008-2009. With o2Spain, we organised several events for the Catalan Government to promote Design for Recycling. One of them was a series of hands-on workshops called LOUCOMCAU (meaning 'the egg how it falls' in Catalan) to promote their design competition. Another one was a round table discussion of designers, scientists, businessmen and industry with the theme 'Does Eco Design Exist?'.

2007. Organising and carrying out of a 24h Barcelona Experience Tour for 20 creative workers of the Dutch company Boomerang for Young Urbans and Mind Movers. The E-Tour involved creative talks by Barcelona-based professionals such as Alex Leslie-Murray (Chicks on Speed) and Alfons Cornella (Infonomía), visits to design studios such as the Mariscal at the Palo Alto, a bike tour from Tibidabo to the beach, dinner at Palau Motxo...

Grup XXI
2006-2007. Eco designer & consultant in sustainable construction and activities of the urbanisation project Cases del Bosc near Viladrau (Catalonia).

2006. Benchmarking of design projects related to gardening and horticulture, as well as finding new creative ways for the company to innovate.

since 2006. Trendspotter of sustainable entrepreneurial ideas.

since 2005. Concept designer of the EyesOnEurope project, consultant of the ‘Re-Greening’ concept and writer of the eco-innovation column for the magazine If.

since 2004. Correspondent in Spain, ‘Architecture & Design’ writer, and designer of the first products, see Stuffbump and FairBag.

2004. Personal assistant to the group Chicks on Speed for the month-long workshop, followed by an exhibition and fashion show called Tenticalism, for the FAD.

Thomas Heatherwick Studio
2004. Construction of the sculpture ‘Bleigiessen’ in London.

2003. Internship.

Estudio Mariscal
2003. Internship.

Curro Claret, industrial designer
2003. Internship.

Frontier Conservation
2002. Voluntary Work. Marine conservation, and design of a nature trail to promote eco tourism on the island Misali.