Some Books on Sustainability & Design

ARCHITECTURE FOR HUMANITY (2006) Design Like You Give A Damm. Thames & Hudon
BERGER / HAWTHORNE (2005) ReadyMade. Crown Publishing
BERMAN, DAVID (2012) Sustainable Design, a critical guide The Foundation of Architecture
BROWN, HOWARD J. / ALFRED CHEEK, KIRSTIN / LEWIS, KATHRYN (2012) Naked Value. 6 things every business leader needs to know about resources, inovation & competition. dMASS Strategy Book
CARSON, R. (1962) Silent Spring
CHAPMAN, J. & GANT, N. (2007) Designers, Visionaries + Other Stories. Earthscan
CHOUINARD, YVON (2005) Let My People Go Surfing. Penguin Books
DATSCHEFSKI, E. (2001) The Total Beauty of Sustainable Products. Rotovision
FUAD-LUKE, A. (2002) The eco-design handbook. A complete sourcebook for the home and office. Thames & Hudson
FUAD-LUKE, A. (2005) The eco-design handbook 2. A complete sourcebook for the home and office. Thames & Hudson
FUAD-LUKE, A. (2009) Design Activism. Earthscan
GRANT, JOHN (2007) The Green Marketing Manifesto. Wiley
LEFTERI, CHRIS (2007) Making It. Laurence King Publishing
HILL, G & O'NEILL, M. (2008) Ready, Set, Green - Eight Weeks to modern eco-living. Villard Books.
IHOBE (2000) Manual Práctico de Ecodiseño
ISAACSON, WALTER (2011) Steve Jobs.
LEWIS, H; GERTSAKIS, J; GRANT, T; MORELLI, ; SWEATMAN, A. (2001) Design + environment, A global guide to design greener goods. Greenleaf Publishingn Limited Wiltshire
LOVELOCK, J. (2007) The Revenge of Gaia. Penguin Book
MCDONOUGH, W; BRAUNGART,M. (2002) Cradle to Cradle. North Point Press
PAPANEK, V. Design For The Real World
PAPANEK, V. (1995) The Green Imperative. Thames & Hudson
RIERADEVALL, J. ; VINYETS, J. (2003) Ecodisseny i ecoproductes. Rubes Editorial S.L.
SMIT, T (2001) Eden Project. Corgi
STEFFEN, ALEX (2006) WorldChanging, A User’s Guide for the 21st Century. Harry N. Abrams Inc.
STUDIO NEAT (2012) It Will Be Exhilarating. Kindle edition.
VAN HINT, E; BAKKER, C. (1999) Trespassers. 010 Publishers
VIÑOLAS I MARLET, J. (2006) DiseñoEecológico