Pöko Design

Pöko Design had been the studio of eco designer Petz Scholtus, based in Barcelona. The studio was created in 2009 and focused on designing a collection of products for urban life which respect the environment. In 2012 Scholtus changed course and created yök Casa + Cultura, open since july 2014.

Petz left Luxembourg in 2000 to study eco-design in London, trying to figure out what it’s really all about and how green she could make things. Her work took her from London to the small Tanzanian island Pemba, the Catalan capital Barcelona, the Netherlands and back to Barcelona where she is working as a freelance eco designer since 2004.

Petz believes in design for people, planet and profit, connecting people and eating local food. She loves simplicity, good design and fairness, making practical and fun things, bringing people together (the more the better), travelling, speaking 5.5 languages, scuba diving, the Eden Project in Cornwall, open air parties, and her vermicompost on the balcony.

Special thanks go out to Ernest Vidal and Sofia Trindade and Patricia Bozyk for their help in the studio.


Photos by Carme Masia