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Edenspiekermann • May 2012
"Öko-designerin Petz Scholtus auf der typo 2012" by Sonja Knecht
Kann gutes Design uns aus der ökologischen, finanziellen, emotionalen und sonstigen Krise führen? Petz Scholtus, geboren 1980 in Luxemburg, lebt und arbeitet heute in Barcelona, begreift sich als Öko-Designerin und verweist einleitend auf die 10 Prinzipien von Dieter Rams aus den 70ern, um kurz darauf an die Knappheit unserer Ressourcen zu erinnern und festzustellen: „good design is complicated“. Was für ein Ritt. Sie spricht schnell und hat die TYPO Hall schnell auf ihrer Seite.

Monográfica • November 2011
INTERVIEW: "Petz Scholtus «Debemos dejar de comprar cosas para el momento»".

*faircompanies • May 2011
TrashKEA home design: trash + IKEA + design = eco-cheap chic by Kirsten Dirksen.
Most designers begin a remodel by choosing what to trash. Petz Scholtus chose what to collect from the trash to be upcycled (recycled for a higher use).
When Scholtus bought her Barcelona apartment in 2006 it had no plumbing nor electricity, though it had some choice trash, like the long piece of glass she stopped her construction crew from throwing away. With two sawhorses (recovered from the street) for legs, it became her dining room table. [...]

dwell • April 2011
Green Living in Barcelona by Kelly Vencill Sanchez. Photos: Carmen Masia Martorell
For some, living “green” is all about making a statement. But for Petz Scholtus, it boils down to common sense. The eco-designer was raised on a farm in Luxembourg, and she’s brought a feeling for the natural world to her residence in Barcelona, Spain. “Growing up on a farm influenced my ideas,” she explains. “There it was all about life cycles, materials that flow, eating, composting, growing...” [...]

Inhabitat • December 2010
Eco-Greeting Card Celebrates the ‘International Year of Forests’ by Jessica Dailey
This holiday season, send your friends and family eco-friendly New Year wishes with these new greeting cards by Pöko Design. [...]

TreeHugger • May 2010
Cute Animal Bulletin Boards Deliver a Serious Reminder by Leonora Oppenheim.
Nobody likes being beaten about the head with the eco-stick. As many of us have experienced, railing against friends and family about the state of the planet rarely produces favourable results, or in fact any result at all. That's why TreeHugger is a fan of the beautiful, engaging and well designed message - we find these are the ones that get through. It's no surprise then that TreeHugger's very own Petz Scholtus has created a series of products which ticks all these boxes perfectly. [...]

Cool Hunting • May 2010
Affected: Endangered Species Bulletin Boards. Save the planet, decorate, and organize in one fell swoop with new eco-chic cork boards by Leonora Oppenheim.
Barcelona-based studio Pöko Design' new bulletin boards do double duty—as both a place to pin up notes or bits of inspiration and as an important reminder in the form of a creative design in and of itself. The cute series of animal cork boards adds a sober touch by depicting the diverse range of species directly under threat from climate change. [...]

El País Semanal • April 2010
Decoración, accesorios para los ordenadores, p. 80. "Flora y Fauna. [...] Tableros de corcho en forma de golondrina y rana de +D2. [...]"

Rolling Stone • April 2010
Eco-Redes Sociales by D.M. (Image here, thanks @rafaocana)
[...] twitter.com/petzdelux. Petz Scholtus es una eco-diseñadora luxemburguesa que vive en Barcelona y sus twitteos (en Inglés y Castellano), pueden hablar de sus trabajos, de hacer pan casero sin gluten, o de James Acord, un artista que realiza esculturas con uranio desechado. [...]

ReadyMade Magazine • April 2010
A Denser Shade of Green; a couple in Barcelona raise a glass to the 3Rs with their new kitchen cabinets by Andrew Wagner, photos by Marc Goodwin
[...] Scholtus gamely dubbed their new home the “R3 Project”--for reduce, reuse, and recycle, plus some extras, respect and restore. Carratala mixed his engineering skills and his love of minimalism with, as Scholtus says, “my vision of what a good home should be--sustainable, fun, and practical. [....] After three years of tests and trials, their urban green laboratory has become a home--one so effortlessly comfortable that it is at times difficult to remember that the whole place is essentially a recycling center. But in the end, that’s really the point.

Barcelona Innova • Dec. 2009
Interview (Catalan) & Video (Spanish) with Petz Scholtus [#sustainability #design #Barcelona]

Miniguide • Sep. 2009
Eco-Lution PDF
Probably the most well known sustainable designer in Barcelona is Petz Scholtus. Originally from Luxembourg, she is the owner of Pöko Design and creator of curiously named eco-products like Corkutis and the Stuffbump. She is also a pioneer for eco-home reform and recently completed green renovations on her Gothic neighborhood apartment. The transformation was documented on her R3Project blog and featured in the New York Times. Her project began, not on a whim, but to put her eco-living ideals to the test. [...]

The New York Times • Mar. 2009
Carbon Neutral on a Shoestring by Penelope Green
[...] On a dark, raw February morning, Ms. Scholtus’s apartment was bright, if not exactly toasty, from the fluorescent bulbs tucked into her handmade Bidon lamps. The English translation of bidón is jerry can or container; Ms. Scholtus found a few on the street and fitted them with compact fluorescent bulbs and PVC-free wiring. One was hanging over a door frame; another sat on a rug like a small pet. [...]

The Canary Project • Jul. 2008
Interview & Video about the R3project

if... (Infonomía) • Apr. 2007
Interview Gente Inquieta by Epi Amiguet (in Spanish)

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