locaLunch is a prototype alternative lunch service for people working in central London, based on local food; good for those who eat it and good for the environment. locaLunch includes the service design, a lunch box and communication elements such as logo, prototype website, etc.

Here is how it works:

locaLunch delivers a healthy and eco-friendly packed lunch in a specially designed lunch box to your doorstep every morning before you leave for work. That way it keeps traffic out of the centre of London. A special re-usable lunch box makes it easy to take lunch into work. The lunch box is made from eco-friendly materials: recycled plastic and cork. It keeps food fresh all day and folds out into a table cloth to eat in the park or at your desk.

locaLunch would be available through a web site, where you can create your own food profile, specifying your preferred foods and dietary requirements. You would be able to order your lunches from an extensive seasonal menu that changes every two months with the seasons.

locaLunch is designed using central London as its target area, but could of course be adapted to other big cities. The aim of the service is to use local produce from around the UK, sourcing as much as possible from the city farms dotted in and around The Greater London area. Organic produce will be used where it is appropriate and available, and imported ingredients, such as sugar and chocolate, should be Fair Trade certified.

locaLunch also aims to be a carbon neutral service by using electric cars and vans to transport the food ingredients and bicycle rickshaws to deliver the lunches from the local kitchen to the doorsteps. Any additional carbon that results from food miles will be offset.