Affected is a series of cork bulletin boards in the shape of animals that are affected by global warming; polar bears, migrating songbirds and tree frogs.

Migratory Songbirds
The songs of many migratory birds such as this Western Tanager are welcome symbols of springtime. Warmer seasons worldwide may mean that you won’t be hearing some of those old familiar songs in years to come. Songbirds are particulary sensitive to both temperature and their habitats.

Polar Bears
Polar Bear favor their springtime prey, the ringed seal. Polar bears move from ice flow to ice flow in search of the young seals. With rising teperature , the thinning ice leaves fewer places for both the polar bears to hunt and the seals to raise their young.

Tree Frogs
There are currently over 17000 spieces that are threatened by extinction. 1900 of them are amphibians. International trade, deforestation and climate change causes the spread of the chytrid fungus. This causes chytridiomycosis and it has virtually made tree frogs extinct.

The bulletin boards are die cut from adhesive cork sheets and can simply be stuck to any flat surface in your home, your office, schools, etc.

Sizes: Polar Bear: 60 x 33 x 1,5 cm - Songbird: 44,5 x 40 x 1,5 cm - Tree Frog: 43 x 37 x 1,5 cm

2% of the proceeds is donated to Tree-Nation to fight desertification, climate change, poverty, and CO2 emissions by planting more trees in the world.

Affected is produced by Kikkerland. Visit their web site to find a retailer near you.

To find out more about Affected and how it was designed, read Petz's interview on the Kikkerland blog.

Why cork?

-It's delicious!

Everybody knows cork; it’s what keeps the wine in the bottle.

But cork can do more than that, and should do! It’s a pretty funky material, although still underused in the design industry. Lately, a few daring and eco-conscious designers are however playing around with this curious material.

Locally harvested in Spain, Portugal, Northern Africa and China, cork is considered eco-friendly for many reasons. One, you don’t need to chop the cork oaks down to obtain the material; only the bark is used. Two, cork is completely natural, fully renewable and biodegradable. And lastly, products and off-cuts during the production can easily be recycled into new objects.

By using cork, we keep the cork oak forests alive, one of the most sustainable natural habitats and home of several endangered species with the highest level of biodiversity in southwest Europe and northwest Africa.

For those reasons, and because we like the smell and the touch of it, Pöko Design is mad about cork (and likes a challenge!). We believe that good objects have to be good for people, planet and profit. Good for those who make it, use it and the places it passes through, hopefully not leaving any trace.

Polar Bear cork bulletin board


Migrating Songbird cork bulletin board

Tree Frog cork bulletin board

press clipping El País, April 2010

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