no global warming FAN


The hand fan is a practical object that reminds us of global warming. It helps us to stay cool without consuming any energy or emitting CO2. The user is invited to fan against global warming. The more hand fans we use, the less air conditioning we need, the less CO2 we create and the less global warming is happening, so we need less air conditioning, which again emit less CO2...- it’s a vicious circle this traditional object aims to break. This user-friendly object invites everyone to actively fight climate change with a cool head.

Small everyday steps make the difference. Wherever you’ve got air conditioning, you can save a significant amount of energy and cut carbon dioxide emissions by raising the temperature setting or switching it off completely.

Photo by Neckel Scholtus


The catchy graphics of the no global warming FAN communicate the need for a more sustainable energy consumption and climate protection. The melting animals are those affected by global warming: the seal, the sea turtle, migratory songbirds, the polar bear, coral reefs, the caribou, the Monarch Butterfly, the trout, the Arctic Fox, the Adelie Penguin and also us humans.


This traditional European product can be used in many everyday situations: in the theatre, in the office, at home, in a bar, in the cinema, at school, at a conference, although not when driving a car- we recommend cycling (naturally ventilated) or public transport where hand fans can be used safely.

The graphics can be personalised with logos and/or colours, and even applied to other products, e.g. biodegradable raincoats, beach towels, etc., which makes it a fun and awareness raising promotional, or personal, gift.

Materials & Production

The object in itself can be considered eco-friendly due to various strong points along its life cycle. The choice of renewable and biodegradable materials (locally sourced, FSC-certified birch wood from Spain, organic cotton made in Spain), the local production in Spain as well as the lightweight and small sized design of the hand fan result in a minimal impact on the environment.

All in all, the no global warming FAN is a cool hand fan for those of us who are no fans of global warming, perfect for summer 2010!

Designed for EESC Design ZeroNine.

no global warming FAN graphics  

no global warming FAN. Photo by Neckel Scholtus

no global wamring FAN closed. Photo by Neckel Scholtus

no global wamring FAN detail. Photo by Neckel Scholtus