Souvenirs for Locals

Souvenirs for Locals is a series of products that remind us of a certain place and culture, and, can be taken to a different place to serve as a memory.

Follow the Dots product designs invite the receiver or giver of the object to take some time and reflect on his visit to a certain place while connecting the dots. This can be done either by using a pen, or by stitching. The products could be classified as 'slow design' where the user is involved in the design process and personalises the objects.

The objects:

• reflect the culture of a place
• are travel-size
• remind us of a place we have been
• serve as a gift to someone, including one self
• have a minimum impact on the planet


Roude Léiw T-shirts

A limited edition of 50 hand-printed, 100% organic, fair trade cotton t-shirts were launched at the artists' market at MUDAM in May. If you follow the dots, the Roude Léiw (Red Lion, the symbol of Luxembourg) appears. Now the t-shirts are available at Museal (19 rue du St Esprit) and Abbaye Neumünster Boutique in Luxembourg.

MUDAM postcards

This product is a collaboration with MUDAM, the museum dedicated to contemporary art in Luxembourg. 2 Follow the Dots postcard designs invite the receiver or sender of the postcard to take some time and reflect on his visit to MUDAM while connecting the dots.

The postcards are made from 100% recycled paper and printed with vegetable ink, available at Mudam Boutique.









'M' MUDAM postcard

'M' MUDAM postcard

'M' MUDAM postcard, stitched

'M' MUDAM postcard, stitched back

Dräi Eechelen MUDAM postcard

Dräi Eechelen MUDAM postcard

back of MUDAM postcard