The StuffBump is a pop-up storage unit for small spaces, ethically produced in Spain with eco-friendly materials. It stores your underwear, socks, scarf, teddy bears... and can easily be hung on the wall or inside your wardrobe door. The instructions and extra information are printed on the back to avoid extra leaflets.

100% eco-friendly

• natural and locally produced materials: natural felt stitched to recycled card
• minimal use of materials
• low energy production
• completely flat-pack, saving on packaging and transport emission
• easy disassembly for recycling/composting at the end of its life

ethical & local production

Made in CIRE, the workshops of the prisons in Catalonia, Spain.

The product has been designed by Graham Hill and Petz Scholtus for TreeHugger. It is currently not in production because TreeHuggger no longer does product design. Get in touch if you are interesting in commercialising the design.

More information on TreeHugger/StuffBump.