yök Casa + Cultura

Since 2012, Pöko Design has changed course and is now doing yök Casa + Cultura, eco-friendly accommodation based on the real culture of Barcelona and Good Design*

Eco-friendly, social, local, practical and fun, paying special attention to aesthetics, authenticity and the world around us. This place will make guests feel like they are staying at somebody’s very special house. They will be welcomed with a service that looks for details and cares about the needs of everyone involved. Think of it as a professional B&B, good for people, planet and profit.

The originality of the interior design, the reflection of the local culture, the understanding of the ecological footprint and the creative way it is reduced make this a very attractive place to be.

Moreover, it will not be another tourist bubble but instead connect visitors to Barceloneses and welcome unusual guests to hang out in an unusual place.

Visit the yök blog and helloyok.com for more information.

* useful, beautiful, fun, detailed, eco-friendly, functional, affordable, long-lasting, honest, local, ...