The R3project is an eco renovation of an apartment in the barrio Gótico of Barcelona, Spain, with its own blog. It explains how to adapt urban housing to a green lifestyle. It is a diary of the ecological renovation and of a more responsible way of living. The blog grows with the flat, ripens with the experience and evolves with the participation of its readers.

The project is based on the 5Rs of eco design: Reuse | Reduce | Recycle | Restore | Respect. The idea for the project came from the urge to show people that sustainable housing and lifestyles can be sexy, affordable and easy. The R3project is a real-life example of modern eco design. See for yourself:


The NYTimes article (with slide show) "Carbon Neutral on a Shoestring".

The video of our open house event for Barcelona Design Week 2010.

R3project StuffBumps + bathroom (photo: Stefano Buonamici)

Can-O-Worms + Leopoldo  (photo: Stefano Buonamici)

R3project kitchen  

R3project studio (photo: Stefano Buonamici)

R3project "Never Empty Shelf" (photo: Stefano Buonamici)

R3project restored furniture (photo: Stefano Buonamici)

R3project living room (photo: Stefano Buonamici)

R3project living room (photo: Stefano Buonamici)

R3project paper recycling (photo: Stefano Buonamici)

R3project bathroom (photo: Stefano Buonamici)